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My Special Nanny offers a premium service that brings highly experienced and compassionate caregivers to your home to ensure that your child with special needs receives the best possible care. We understand that finding a caregiver who is trained, educated, and skilled in caring for children with special needs can be a challenge. That’s why we take pride in providing you with a team of caregivers who are passionate about helping your child thrive. Whether your child needs assistance with daily activities or specialized care, our caregivers are trained to provide exceptional care and support, so you can have peace of mind knowing your child is in good hands

Special Kids

For Children With Special
Needs 1-12 Years Of Age

Loving Caregivers

Trained caregivers
with compassionate

Our Fees and Hourly rates


Hourly Rate per Child

$30 per hour (minimum 3 hours plus transportation fee and parking)

Additional Fees


Nanny Transportation Fee

$25 per hour


Parking Fee

Parking is the client responsibility and depends of parking in your area


Cancellation Fee

$30 (If a cancellation is made in less than 24 hours or on the same day as the booking, you must pay the cancellation fee).


Event fee

$50 per hour (church or birthday party)

About Our Expert and Director

A Dedicated Mother and Behavior Therapist

Faby Diallo

Special Needs Mom and Behavior Therapist

Faby is a board-certified behavior analyst and a Licensed Behavior Analyst by the Virginia Board of Medicine. She holds a masters degree in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) from George Mason University. Just as importantly, She is also a mom to a wonderful child on the autism spectrum. Faby is an experienced professional who combines a deep intellectual understanding of the principles of ABA with the love and patience of a special needs parent. She is passionate about helping worried parents just like you navigate the parenting challenges that come with raising a child with special needs. She serves clients with different diagnoses and varied age ranges from diagnosis to adulthood. She believes in teaching independent living skills at an early age and educating and empowering parents through coaching

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    The type of work for our caregivers varies from watching a sleeping child, changing diapers, playing games, preparing meals, to teaching the child to read or working on daily living skills. Our service is simple, once you register with My Special Nanny we select and introduce suitable caregiver/s for your family

    Laws for Babysitting in Florida

    When parents entrust their children to a babysitter, it is important that they can rely on the babysitter to ensure the safety and well-being of their children, and to treat them appropriately. In Florida, private babysitters who serve only one family at a time are not required to obtain a license or certification in child care. Therefore, parents should carefully consider the qualifications and credentials of a particular babysitter before agreeing to let them look after their children. Learn Me ABA, LLC provides “My Special Nanny” as a service, not a daycare center. All caregivers are independent contractors who have been thoroughly vetted to provide “My Special Nanny” service. We do not disclose the personal information of caregivers, such as resumes or background checks, to clients. If a sitter transports your child, it is the responsibility of both the sitter and you to ensure that adequate car insurance and guidelines are in place. It is not the responsibility of Learn Me ABA, LLC to regulate sitters who transport children.